Engaging Members

Getting The AA's customers to stay longer and buy more

The Challenge

With over 4 million members, The AA already had a rewards programme in place to create greater engagement but was unsure if it was it for purpose and justified its budget.

The programme offered exclusive events, competitions and on-going third party benefits and discounts.

We worked with the client to define the role of rewards in step changing member engagement and the strategy needed to deliver a unique proposition that got members to stay longer and buy more. 

Our key insights?

  • The client needed a membership scheme not a rewards programme.

  • One more positive customer experience each year would have a transformational effect on retention

  • The current proposition was undifferentiated and readily replicable by its competitors.

  • The process and infrastructure needed to scale the proposition wasn’t in place. 

"Conduit have a real ability to add value using their skill and expertise to understand the very core of the matter before making recommendations thus basing them on true insight. A pleasure to work with."

Liz Henderson
Head of Marketing, The AA

Our approach

The power of one more – a strategy to deliver more personalised and timely customer experience.

We created a 90 day programme to:

  • assimilate and understand the considerable data and research that the client already had
  • translate it into the key business challenges and opportunities
  • build a strategic solution to meet the challenges and deliver a compelling business case
  • specify the data, processes and software needed execute the strategy. 

And then we moved to validate the solution with customers and deliver a minimum viable product (MVP) to test response in-market.

How we delivered the project

We created a more meaningful, compelling and mutually beneficial membership programme – taking it from something transactional, mass and undifferentiated to something unique and exclusive. 

Most importantly, we transformed the membership programme into something that had a measurable, positive impact on the company’s commercial objectives. 

Key results

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