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Are you seeking to hire a consultant to tap into your strategic thinking and help you see the big picture? Do you need support with developing a way of coordinating and focusing actions to deal with critical factors? 

We help organisations like yours to:

  • Understand and prioritise issues
  • Establish project objectives
  • Set project and business strategies
  • Explore options and evaluate alternatives
  • Plan and manage implementation
  • Measure results and optimise your environment

Introducing the Kickstarter project

The Kickstarter project is a proven programme for small organisations to start successfully growing a business within 12 weeks.

We understand leaders’ most important responsibility is to identify the biggest challenges to forward progress and devise a coherent approach to overcoming them; our Kickstarter project framework provides just that, a complete process that helps talented leaders and business owners to discover the critical factors in a given business situation and helps them design a way of coordinating and focusing actions and resources to deal with those factors.

The project usually takes the form of 6 workshops, with the aim of taking you from initial vision to crafted approach supported by a business case and a planned roadmap. An experienced Conduit’s consultant will drive the project and take as much of the workload as possible, and by following some simple steps, some analysis and best practices get you and your business ready and prepped for the implementation phase.

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7 Steps to successful growth


Understand the basics

Diagnose the current issues, challenges, and impediments and define an ideal vision for the future.


Set the strategy
Identify the critical factors that will have the highest impact and can multiply the effectiveness of the effort and set guiding policies for dealing with the challenge.


Make the case
Justify the proposed change or project on the basis of its expected commercial benefit, including planned time, milestones and resources required for a return of investment.


Evolve the culture
Don’t focus exclusively on processes and tools but address internal beliefs, ideas and values; train employees and promote project champions to support and evangelise the change.


Craft the approach and actions
Apply with dedication and mastery of detail a set of coherent actions and coordinated steps that will carry out the guiding policies defined in your strategy.


Implement the solution
Execute (or implement) your solution by selecting, briefing and training those involved and by communicating effectively the required timescales and deliverables, risks and contingencies.


Tune the programme
Monitor progress during and after the execution to continuously improve performance, address new opportunities and threats and fine tune your guiding policies and actions.

Case studies

The Hurlingham Club

Design and deploy a Business Intelligence strategy that address the club biggest challenges and foster an information-driven culture.


Optimising customer journeys and renewing the IKEA FAMILY scheme as a core part of their proposition rather than a satellite service.


Defining a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) as the strategic vision that will enable the alignment of marketing and IT

Introducing the Kickstarter approach

Understand the issues

We analyse your business from multiple angles looking at things from a different and fresh perspective to help you simplify the often overwhelming complexity of reality and steer you in the right direction.

Select the best option

We'll then work alongside you to prioritise what you are trying to accomplish and select amongst the many options a cohesive response that will lead to a cascade of favourable outcomes.

Craft the plan

We take the as much of the workload as possible away from you, define a plan and roadmap that addresses operational priorities and is supported by guiding principles and a strong financial case.

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