Vendor and software selection services

Save time, improve results and drive ROI

Vendor and software selection services

If you need to select the right software that will provide long-term benefits and accelerate your company’s growth, we can help.

Software is not a silver bullet, but correctly specified, selected and embedded it can transform the way that you work. 

How we can help:

  • Feasibility analysis and planning support, helping businesses to determine whether a software project makes sense in the first place and in what form
  • Requirements definition
  • Suppliers research, evaluation and selection
  • Negotiating pricing and terms
  • Implementation
  • Re-working existing systems to improve efficiencies and performance.

Systems often under-perform as a result of established shortcuts that have become status quo, poor implementation work or lack of user adoption, rather than a fault with the underlying technology. Addressing these issues in existing software can be considerably cheaper than buying a new system

Making "right first time" software investments

All too often, organisations run a successful operation using spreadsheets or rapidly-aging software tools that limit their growth increase inefficiencies and duplication of effort. 

Have you already been down the road before in selecting software that was supposed to solve all your problems but turned out to be a waste of time and money?

Companies often leap into software selection with the right intentions but not enough of the right preparation. Only to discover that they have not been able to communicate their most important needs, haven’t clearly defined their processes, or that with some changes, they could live with things as is. We believe that developing adequate requirements is the foundation in selecting best-fit software that provides a return in your investment, minimize business disruption and the risks of selecting the wrong supplier.

We help organisations develop, document and prioritise their requirements, and then evaluate the software products against those specifications in order to select the right tools for the job.

An experienced Conduit’s consultant will drive the project and take as much of the workload as possible away from you. We can elicit requirements through interviews, surveys and workshops, analysis of existing documentation and processes or by reverse engineering existing solutions.

What our clients say

"We had a CRM that wasn’t fit for purpose and it was causing massive inefficiencies in our business. That is ultimately why I picked up the phone to Conduit, I knew they had the ability to assess what the right technology solution was for us and make sure that we were using it in the most effective way."
Jeremy Simmonds
Founder, Swingers Crazy Golf Club

Our recommended approach:


Project scope and definition

Begin with the end in mind. The right decision requires the right preparation, planning and groundwork to achieve the desired outcomes.


Requirements elicitation

Before engaging with software vendors you need to be clear on the requirements, be able to communicate your most important needs and priorities.


Analysis of requirements

No requirement is born equal. Assessing feasibility and aligning requirements priorities with business objectives will help evaluating and scoring solutions.


Verification and RFP documentation

A well-handled request for proposal (RFP) process allows you to compare multiple vendors, quickly revealing the strengths and weaknesses that will inform your decision.

Case studies

Sony PSE

Ensuring SONY Professional Solutions Europe (PSE) selects a sophisticated solution that will reduce costs, whilst maximising campaign flexibility and customer insights.

Flight Club Darts

Re-aligning the CRM strategy and CRM technology with the business strategic focus based on innovation and gamification of traditional social games.

The Hurlingham Club

A pragmatic approach to a complex and ever-changing IT landscapes. A case study in requirement gathering and software selection services

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