Enabling Better Business Decisions

Delivering high quality customer insight

The Challenge

RIAS is a specialist provider of insurance products for the over 50s. They serve almost a million general insurance policies for car, home, travel, caravans and life plans. 

When Conduit was retained to help, RIAS were facing a number of challenges including:

  • A lack of business agility and ability to connect with external partners
  • A fall in customer retention
  • Integration of an acquired business into the organisation.
  • Incomplete, inconsistent and poor data. 

Our approach

We implemented a 2-stage approach for RIAS

1. Definition stage

  • Conducted a gap analysis and business maturity assessment to help identify key issues, risks and opportunities.
  • Defined a strategic vision and the guiding policies to enable the alignment of marketing and IT

2. Design stage

By taking into account the strategic vision and the guiding policies we designed a long term roadmap to:

  • Data quality & governance
  • Transformation and change management
  • Customer centricity
  • Agility of RIAS’ technical architecture

The IT strategy included key delivery pillars:

  • Service-oriented architecture (SOA) to integrate disparate datasets
  • Information Quality enablers to provide accurate and timely information
  • Performance measurements to consistently track the marketing performance

How we delivered the project

The project was delivered by Conduit and RIAS resources over a period of 12 weeks, as part of the transformation Conduit introduced agile SCRUM methodology. 

A proof of concept project (PoC) was implemented to allow the fine tuning of the strategy and to verify the business case before rolling out the solution across the organisation.

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