Our TOP 5 favourite tools for Customer Journey Mapping

At some point in your customer journey mapping project you will need to visualise and document what you have captured – for both your current and desired customer journeys. This can be a laborious task, particularly if you have built multiple journeys for different customer personas.

In this post we want to highlight some of the tools we use in our projects that make our lives a little bit easier.

Design thinking & brainstorming tools


MURAL is a digital workspace for visual collaboration and our current favourite tool when working with clients.  MURAL enables collaborative thinking and innovation, with over 100+ templates to jump-start collaboration sessions; we use MURAL to visually brainstorm and solve important problems. It can be used for collaborative prototyping, design thinking, to capture and organise customer feedback and develop personas, map experiences, or prioritise ideas and problems.

We like it so much that we are now part of the MURAL Consultant Network, a global community of leading independent consultants, agencies, and facilitators who use MURAL with their clients.



XMind, a full-featured mind mapping and brainstorming tool, is our tool of choice when it comes to generating ideas, brainstorming concepts, analysing situations and in general speed up work. 

We tend to use XMind at the beginning of a project or major activity as a way to record salient points at meetings, steps or actions to develop and concepts to further analyse/verify etc. 

We like XMind because it is simple to use but when required,  sophisticated enough to allow a combination of different structures like matrixes and tree charts to express different needs.

Process flow, diagrams and rapid-prototyping

Camunda Modeler

Camunda is a desktop application for modelling BPMN (workflow and process automation), DMN (Business Decision Management) and CMMN (Case Management). Camunda is a very powerful Java-based framework that can be used as a modeller, process engine and web applications. 

We use it primarily for business process modelling work and to develop service blueprints



Omnigraffle is a powerful design tool that can be used for everything, from wireframe design, to UML and interior design.

We used it extensively for customer experience mapping and service blueprinting. The beauty of Omnigraffle is the scale of its features and its usability – with basic knowledge and a little time you will be able to build great looking, comprehensive customer journey maps. However, it’s not an online tool so if you have multiple users they will need to pay for and install the software.

A large community and resources like Stenciltown and Graffletopia mean that there are libraries of templates that you can download (some free, some paid for) and customise for your specific purposes. 

It’s a Mac only product so won’t be suitable for everyone.

Microsoft Visio

Similar to Omnigraffle but for a Win PC audience, Visio is certainly built for the task – it’s a specialist software for flow chart development and creating diagrams. We find it is less design oriented than Omnigraffle and primarily targeted to an IT audience, with very good UML and flowchart templates and shapes, MS Visio has good support for industry standards and built-in validation features and rules.

A final word

These are just some of the tools that will support your creative thinking processes, allow you to better organise and communicate your ideas and improve your quality of  life. But … as the Peter Parker principle states: “With great power comes great responsibility”, so use them wisely or get in touch if you need extra help!

We’re always on the hunt for great new tools. Please tell us if there are some hidden gems that you think are worth consideration. 

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