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Mapping the voice of the customer

How to transform your customer experience by understanding the customer journey, finding problem areas, and coming up with ideas to resolve them.

The challenge

Fragmented understanding of customer behaviour is chronic in organizations, and many companies never piece together the entire experience from a user’s standpoint.

Checkatrade wanted to change all that and learn how to create a shared vision that improves the customer experience and helps the organisation plan and optimise internal strategies.

Key strategic objectives

Our approach

In collaboration with Checkatrade’s Voice of the Customer Analyst, we developed a bespoke one-day Customer Journey Masterclass that covered the practical framework and techniques for developing essential layers of a customer journey map, including common pitfalls to avoid, with discrete hands on workshops based on their customers needs and painpoints.  

key learnings

Main benefits

A Checkatrade team of five, throughout the day, learned how to develop key persona and mapped their journey experience.

During the hands on sessions they also learned how to analyse customer behaviour, identify customer pain points and needs and put together a high level value proposition hypothesis that will help relieve the customer pains.

Customer Value Proposition

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