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Mapping experiences

Efficiencies and understanding can be increased in a number of ways, but we find that one of the quickest ways to streamline your business and operations and take advantage of unseen opportunities is to start by thoroughly identifying and mapping your services and journeys.

By end-to-end mapping your services, encapsulating the experience of your customers and users, and by exposing all the behind-the-scenes activities, including systems and processes that deliver the service we can help you obtain a holistic view that fosters a shared understanding, helps identify key risks and gaps and flush out new opportunities.

The output of this exercise can be used for internal communication, prioritisation of initiatives or to inform process engineering and change management.

A typical project usually takes 4-6 weeks to complete depending on key business objectives, stakeholder requirements and service complexities. In some cases we have delivered blueprints in less than 2 weeks and in informal efforts situation even in a matter of days.

Each circumstance and requirement is different but we strive to help you achieve the best results with the quickest turnaround possible.

Business operations
Example of a service blueprint

Visualising value, other mapping services

Business Canvases

We use visualisation tools used as a management framework to help clients develop new ideas or fine-tune existing business models, analysing specific business situations and for setting business priorities. Together these canvases provide a direction on shaping your thinking and ensure that your products and/or services are positioned around what the customer values and needs. They include:

Experience Maps and Mental Models

We offer mapping services that can help you empathise with your customers, illustrate their journeys and develop common understanding of a person’s experience when using your product or service. These are techniques and models used by organisations obsessed with delivering amazing experiences to the people they serve and to fix service gaps or improve efficiencies. They include: 

Case studies

Swingers Crazy Golf

A pragmatic approach to a complex and ever-changing IT landscapes. A case study in requirement gathering and software selection services


Unlocking customer value and personally relevant
inspiring customer experiences through data and customer journeys


Optimising customer journeys and renewing the IKEA FAMILY scheme as a core part of their proposition rather than a satellite service.

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