Unlocking Customer Value

How AVIS inspired customer experience with data

The Challenge

Betsson operate a multi-brand strategy with 13 brands across 18 countries. They were worried that they lacked a standardised way to think about players and deliver a great experience.

We identified that Betsson were taking a uniform approach to customer management with little personalisation and timetabled, linear, email-centric communications.

Our analysis showed that while player behaviour and expectaions happened in minutes and hours, Betsson’s customer marketing was rooted in weeks and months.

Our objectives were to:

  • Identify key ‘moments of truth’ in individual player lifecycles and use this understanding to deliver more personal player experiences;
  • Build a lifecycle management framework that could be applied to any Betsson brand;
  • Design how Betsson could deliver the framework and its commercial benefit.

By taking this approach we were able to develop a programme to maximise commercial benefit and player experience.

"Conduit have helped us build a data-driven framework that delivers exceptional experience and business results across our player lifecycle. The framework is adaptable so allows our brands to focus on their propositions and the experiences we offer different types of players. Conduit have challenged our thinking to make a lasting change to how we think about our players."

Sebastien van Schalkwyk
Head of Customer Marketing, Betsson Group

Our approach

We have taken a structured approach with Betsson to mapping the key moments of truth, defining the role of data in identifting these key points and designing the service experience that Betsson can deliver to exceed customer expectations.

Stages that the Project has covered include:

How we delivered the project

The project was completed over a 12-week period with a combination of stakeholder workshops, data analysis, value proposition design and solution design.
The framework is now being executed by Betsson with a focus on rapid testing, learning and optimisation
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